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Accelerating productivity with intelligent technology solutions

Solutions design for professional and collaborative environments

Designing complete solutions that apply the intelligence of technology to offices, courts rooms, board rooms, conference rooms, collaboration rooms, interview rooms - where ever time and proceeding are critical.  Whether you need a solution for a private practice office, a multi-language court room, digital records of interviews, online transcripts, video conferencing, or the latest in presentations including exhibits, annotation, smart boards, and multimedia displays, we have the experience to guide the decision process.


Cfi provides a single source for the requirements determination, specification, tendering and certification of technology solutions for applications in courts, law enforcement, business, medical practices and education.  The focus is on developing technology solutions that compliment the skills and resources of the people involved.  


If technology solutions require specialists to operate them - they will not be used.  The control system and the user interface are critical and require that a great deal of attention and care go into their specification and design.


Cfi works with international experts to design systems that balance innovation with ergonomics to provide applications that deliver today and continue to deliver for years to come.  The resulting solutions are environments that are current, connected and extensible. 


Providing technology environments that are current, connected and extensible.